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Is making nuclear weapons obsolete really a good idea? Do we want to return to a world were nuclear deterrence no longer exists? It certainly is a grand and altruistic idea, but would it make the world a safer place? For the 45 years of the Cold War the Soviet Union and the United State went to extreme lengths to avoid direct military conflict with each other. We fought each other’s proxies. We fought the North Koreans and the Communist Chinese in Korea and the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army in Vietnam. They fought the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Without nuclear weapons on both sides the likelyhood of a WWII-scale war between us would have been much higher. What would happen in the Taiwan Strait if the US and China did not possess nuclear weapons and a war broke out there. It may not be likely at present, but it could be in the future.


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2 Responses

  1. Pat J. says:

    I think that it is extremely naieve and, frankly, very dangerous to live in, as Shawn Hannity phrases it, a fantasy world. President Obama is out of his league. The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and the North Koreans are making him look like a fool. Just my opinion.

  2. Susan S says:

    I don’t understand what we gained. Will he ever understand that he has a responsiblility to ALL of the people of the USA? He is so surrounded by people that think like him that he fails to even consider the rest of us.

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