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Yesterday I was on Twitter when Greta Van Susteren tweeted that she wanted someone to give her a Skype call.  Her plan was to record it and post it at Gretawire. Sitting at my computer I entered the Skype address she provided and called her. Lo and behold, in an instant Greta appeared on my computer screen! Only problem, she could hear me, but no video of me. It was as short call because, as you might expect, Greta was pressed for time. Later Greta tweeted that no one Skyped her–which is technically true as my call was aborted due to technical problems. It will be interesting to see if Greta makes much use of Skype.  Stay tuned and make sure your Skype is working properly.


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Democrats and the left can’t hold Republican and Tea Part movement leaders responsible for the action of a few crazies if they take no responsibility for anti-war, environmental, and G-20 activists on the left who commit acts of violence, destroy property, and threaten people.

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OBAMA AND ISRAEL – Time for a Reset

Is a US Central Command (CENTCOM) briefing team from General David Petraeus, rather than Israeli construction in East Jerusalem and Vice President Joe Biden’s embarrassment in Israel, at the heart of the current rift in US-Israel relations, or is it just an excuse?

Read my full column at http://ewross.com/Obama_and_Israel.htm


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Do President Obama’s attitudes toward Israel simply reflect his own biases or do they reflect a shift in broader American attitudes toward Israel? It’s a fair question to ask.

Writing in US News & World Report, John Farrell points out that, “It has been more than 60 years since the victors of World War II agreed to the establishment of a Jewish state in the Middle East. The members of the great generation that fought and won the war are mostly gone. I bet that 100 times as many Americans could name the judges on American Idol as could identify David Ben-Gurion or Harry Truman.”

Farrell has a point. While support for Israel remains strong among older Americans whose attitudes have been shaped by events long past, there is a growing segment of the population that doesn’t share them. Indeed, Barack Obama himself is in that group. Islamic influences on him as a child aside, there is little in his experience that fostered positive attitudes toward Israel or Israelis.

For most of the 30 odd years since the Camp David Accords, and especially since the First Intifada, Israel hasn’t been seen as a nation struggling for survival but as party to on-and-off negotiations about land, refugees, and issues few Americans really understand or appreciate. When violence breaks out between Palestinians and Israelis the media tends to show Israeli solders killing Palestinian civilians while it shows Palestinian youth throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers.

While the American people, since 9/11 the victims of Islamic terrorism themselves, have gained a greater appreciation for what Israelis have experienced for decades, I’m not sure this has increased support for Israel. Increasing numbers of Americans buy into the argument, as General Petraeus apparently has, that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to changing Islamist-Jihadist attitudes toward Americans. Israel, therefore, becomes more an obstacle to peace than an ally.

Read my other sidebars at http://ewross.com/Sidebar.htm


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Susan’s first protest.


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I took these pictures myself. I wasn’t near where Speaker Pelosi and other’s walked to the Capitol building and were allegedly spat upon and jeered with the “N” word, and didn’t see what happened. However, I looked for all those posters with “extreme politically incorrect” images and words, but I didn’t see any. This was 30,000 everyday Americans trying to voice their displeasure with Congress.


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